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Runway Details

Location and specifications of the Pukaki Airport Runway.

Runway Details

General Information

Runway - overhead view Pukaki Airport has a sealed runway - 1082 metres in length and 15.5 metres in width, maintained on a regular basis.

A full reseal took place in 2009, to ensure the seal standard matched the new internal parallel taxiway and lateral taxiways.

An automated Met Service weather station is located south of the Airport subdivision, giving real time wind speed and direction, temperature and pressure, cloud cover and visibility.

Airport Arrival and Departure Procedures

Runway and Taxiway Specifications - Met data

  • Runway - roadmarking NZUK Pukaki Airfield 33/15 is a 1082m long sealed strip with a sealed width of 15.5 metres.
  • At the northern end runway 15 there is a 448m long grass strip extension 90 metres wide.
  • The threshold to runway 33 is displaced by 40 metres.
  • The strip elevation is 480 m MSL (1,575 ft)

Runway Location

IATA Airport Code TWZ
ICAO Airport Code NZUK
Coordinates44°14′13″S 170°7′8″E
Latitude44 degrees 14 minutes 6 seconds south decimal -44.2350
Longitude170 degrees 7 minutes 6 seconds decimal 170.1183
NAVAID The closest Navigational aid is Mt Mary - VOR-DME 112.5.