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Landing Fees

Landing fee details for Pukaki Airport.

Landing Fees

The Airport operates an AIMMS system, which listens to radio calls.


Landing Fees

The scale of fees is based on the MCTOW kg, on a per landing basis as follows: Fees 2023/24
Aircraft up to 1,500Kg$10.00
Aircraft up to 2,500Kg$15.00
Aircraft up to 3,500Kg$30.00
Aircraft up to 5,500Kg$40.00
Aircraft greater than 5,500Kg$50.00

Administration Fees

Fees 2023/24
One off landings - an additional administration charge if the landing fee is not paid within 3 working days $15.00 per landing
Quarterly accounts - an additional administration charge each quarter unless every landing fee for the period is paid within 3 working days$15.00 per quarter


Internet Banking: Mackenzie District Council
A/c No. 03-0887-0226851-02
Particulars: Name
Code: P10821
Reference: Aircraft Registration (eg ZK123)

Landing fee invoices are sent directly to the registered aircraft owner.