Pukaki Airport - An innovative house and hanger development
Well being drilled at Pukaki Airport

Topsoil being screened at Pukaki Airport

Subdivision & Services

The Pukaki Airport subdivision has been developed to a high standard by the Pukaki Airport Board.

The water supply is from a well drilled at the northern end of the subdivision, with pumps supplying 25,000 litre water tanks which must be installed by section owners on their site. These tanks have a fire fighting capability from 14,000 litres of the contents and require a large valve and fire fighting connection. They must be sited where a fire appliance can easily access their water.

Originally the sewer system was to discharge into a large on-site holding tank, but as development grew, it was decided to connect the subdivision to the Twizel sewer system. A toilet block has been located adjacent to the terminal building at the northern end, plus a fenced storage area.

Soak pits are required to take care of storm water on individual sites and interceptor channels are required at hangar entrances to prevent ground contamination if there is a spill within the hangar. Three phase power has been reticulated underground throughout the subdivision, along with telephone cables.

Pukaki Airport is unique in having solar powered LED street lights located at the airport entrance, with a further light located at the bus park and turnaround at the northern end of Harry Wigley Drive.

The night sky in the Mackenzie Basin is being promoted as a World Heritage site and special care has been taken with the lighting levels in the subdivision to prevent any light spill.

A large earth berm has been constructed parallel with State Highway 8 to prevent vehicle headlights from within the subdivision conflicting with vehicles on the highway. This berm, along with the landscaped entrance, were constructed to Transit New Zealand specifications.

Landscaping is deliberately low key in keeping with the surrounding landscape.

When stripping the topsoil for the subdivision, a large stockpile was created and then screened and placed in the large pit at the northern end of the airfield for future use-a worthwhile cost as topsoil is scarce in the Mackenzie Basin.
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